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Download and read this book about Rabia Basri (R.A) here. Hazrat Bibi Rabia Basri (R.A) is well known in the Islamic world. Her life was extremely great and all Muslim women must follow the teachings of Rabia Basri (R.A) . According to wikipedia, It is quoted that Rabia Basri (R.A) was the fourth daughter in her family and hence named as Rabia, meaning "fourth". Although not born into slavery, The family was very poor yet respected in the living community.

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When Rabia Basri was born, writers say that her parents were very poor and there was no oil in house to lit a lamp, even there was not a cloth to wrap her with. Her worthy mother asked her worthy husband to borrow some oil from their neighbors, but he never believed in spreading hands infront of human. He believed in ALLAH , so just to keep his wife's words, He pretended to go to the neighbor's and returned back home empty-handed.

In the night Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH) appeared in a dream and told him, "Your daughter is a favorite of the ALLAH, and shall lead many Muslims to the accurate Islamic path. You should visit the Amir of Basra and present him with a letter in which should be written this message: 'You offer Durood-e-Pak to the Holy Prophet one hundred times every night and four hundred times every Thursday night. However, since you failed to observe the rule last Thursday, as a penalty you must pay the bearer four hundred dinars'".

Rabia's father got up and went straight to the Amir with tears of joy rolling down his cheeks. The Amir was delighted on receiving the message, knowing that he was in the eyes of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH). He distributed 1000 dinars to the poor and joyously paid 400 dinars to Rabia's father. It is such an eye-opening Islamic quote and our belief in ALLAH strengthens with this.

We hope this Urdu book about Rabia Basri (R.A) is a must read ebook. Her life is a sample for all Muslim women.

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