Qayamat Book In Urdu

Are you looking for a book in Urdu language about 'Qayamat' and destruction of the world. This Urdu book about Qayamat is surely best for you. We all Muslims firmly believe that 'One day the world will be destroyed and we would be questioned about our deeds. The concept of 'Qayamat' and its signs are hereby explained in this must read ebook. Qayamat book in Urdu PDF for free download here.

As Muslim we believe in 'ALLAH' and we firmly believe whatever has been described in 'QURAN' , Hence the destruction of this world is sure to occur and we have to be answerable for all deeds we done in this world. Being a Muslim, we must do good to have good in the end of this world. All our sins are due for punishment so we must avoid doing sins. We must seek virtues and good deeds so that we can have a good life after death. 

Download and read this Urdu book. You must get something very very informative about 'Qayamat' and its signs. Many of the signs of 'Qayamat' are visible now a days but we are closing our eyes and busy in doing sins. 

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