Shehad Se Ilaj - Urdu Book شہد سے علاج

Are you looking to know the benefits of honey? (Shehad K Faidy). This Urdu book 'Shehd se Ilaj' will surely reveal benefits of Honey (Shehad se Ilaj In Urdu). Devour Honey mindfully and gain health benefits from this heavenly fluid of nature. Honey contains a fortune mid-section of shrouded healthful and therapeutic quality for quite a long time. The sweet brilliant fluid from the colony is a prevalent kitchen staple stacked with antibacterial and antifungal properties that has been utilized subsequent to the beginning of Egyptian tombs. Honey Benefits book in Urdu is a book that contains so many remedies for your health problems. 
We present this amazing Urdu book in PDF format. Feel free to download 'Shehad Se Ilaj' book in Urdu. Honey's logical super powers add to its endlessly touted medical advantages for the entire body. The sound regular sweetener offers numerous healthful advantages relying upon its assortment. Crude Honey is the unpasteurized rendition of usually utilized Honey and just varies as a part of its filtration, which develops its time span of usability. A tablespoon of Honey contains 64 calories, is without fat, sans cholesterol, and sans sodium, says the National Honey Board. Its arrangement is around 80 percent sugars, 18 percent water, and two percent vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Check our Free Urdu Books and download free. Regarding this Urdu book we must tell you that - Commonly, Honey is sweet however can be remorseless to babies. Spores of Clostridium botulinum microbes — found in earth and tidy, which can defile Honey — might prompt newborn child botulism and produce a poison inside the body that can bring about muscle shortcoming and breathing issues. The Mayo Clinic prescribes holding up until following 12 months of age to give babies Honey; utilization is ok for more seasoned grown-ups and kids, since they have a full grown digestive framework that can deal with the spores. Share your comments about this Urdu book 'Shehad Se Ilaj'.
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