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Here are two great Ramadan Books. We often see some people curious about what is Ramadan and how do Muslims celebrate it. So, During fasting from fajar to Maghreb, All Muslims refrain from eating foods, drinking, smoking, and engaging in any immoral activities;Muslims also refrain from bad social behaviors that could be sinful, such as false swearing, involvement in disagreements, backbiting. leg pulling and procrastination.Ramadan is the holy ninth month of our Islamic calendar and it brings a time of fasting for all Muslims of the world. However, The rules for Fasting are slightly different in particular fiqah's . These two Urdu books of Ramzan are worth reading if you are looking to observe fasting with proper rules according to Islam.


Ramadan and its benefits are well known to all Muslims. Even Today's science is very well motivated about Ramadan and its significance. We all know that Ramadan and its roots were existing right from the time of Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) who is mercy for all mankind.as we all know Ramadan and its blessings are countless . We still believe that sometimes we are committing mistakes about this holy month of Islam and we need guidance all the time. These two books will help everyone in better understanding of Ramadan and fasting. 
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