Book Of Islamic Banking In Urdu

It is a complete book about the real concepts of Islamic banking. After reading this PDF book, everyone will understand the exact rules of Islamic sharia about banking and loan systems. Islamic banking is taken as a concept of banking that is approved by the principles of sharia and Islam. However, the real concept of Islamic baking is misread and its practical application is mislead by the majority of banks that claim their system acceptable in Islam. These financial organization are always claiming that their procedures of interest and baking are exactly according to the rules of Islam. Through the development of Islamic society, the subject of economics was always explained by our Islamic leaders.
Islamic Banking reality_In_Urdu

As such, many banks are there to claim a more correct term for 'Islamic banking' and they say that their student loans, loan schemes and mortgage loans are exactly as per 'Sharia compliant finance.Islamic Sharia forbids acceptance of a particular interest for all kinds of loans of money, whether the payments are fixed or there is floating interest rates. Investment in businesses of specific goods and services are considered contrary to Islamic sharia (e.g. pork or alcohol) and it is also declared haraam ("sinful and prohibited"). 

There are so many prohibitions that have been applied by Islamic sharia in varying degrees on Muslims to prevent unIslamic and unjust economic activity.In the recent century, a number of Islamic banks claiming to apply Islamic principles to all of their private or semi-private commercial schemes and institutions within the Muslim community.The Muslim community is confused about the real aspects of Islamic banking. This Urdu book about Islamic banking will surely reveal the exact principles of Islam and Islamic rules in a comprehensive way.

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