Islamic Socialism Book Socialism And Islam

Islam is a complete code of life. Some people don't exactly know what is Socialism and Islam. This Islamic book " Socialism and Islam" is written in order to describe the true realities of the relationship between Islamic life and being social.
Socialism And Islam Book
Islamic socialism is a particular term which is derived by various Muslim leaders to explain the spiritual and religious form of socialism. Many of the Muslim socialists believe that, Islam is not a religion confined to muslim only, the teachings of the Qur'an and Muhammad(PBUH) —especially like zakāt, are best for economic and social equality. Download this book from the link below the post or keep reading some other free Urdu Islamic books

They draw inspiration from the early Medinan welfare state established by Our Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Majority of Muslim socialists are not socially liberal but some countries of western side are. Like Christian democrats, Muslim socialists believe that their roots are in anti-imperialism. Muslim socialist leaders generally believe in democracy and derivation of legitimacy from the general people, as opposed to Islamic religious texts or claims to be Muhammad's successors.

Keeping in view the complicated scenario of Islam and Socialism, The writer of this Islamic book has described everything in details. I hope the readers of this blog must get a lot of knowledge after reading this pdf book.

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