Bermuda Triangle And Dajjal Book In Urdu

I have read so many stories about the famous "Bermuda Triangle" and nothing found authentic. This book in Urdu "Bermuda Triangle And Dajjal" is written in Islamic perspective an it gives logical statements alongwith proof about this famous place of earth. This triangle is a point of consideration for so many years for the travelers and all those interested in visiting famous places but nobody is brave enough to go there. It is situated in North america's shores and everyone believes that it takes Airplanes and ships as food. Many ships and planes have been lost in bermuda triangle and it is still a point of mystery. In this Urdu book, the writer has explained every reality of Bermuda Triangle from Islamic perspective.

Bermuda Triangle History In Urdu.
Bruce Gernon is the Survivor of the Bermuda Triangle. He is one lucky man who has survived the experiences from the Bermuda Triangle. He has experienced the time wrap theory of the Bermuda Triangle and has lived to tell his story on survival. Bruce Gernon is only one person in the world to witness what mystery is behind the Bermuda Triangle and what the Triangle creates to make things disappear. Many others have also seen parts of this phenomenon of mystery and disappearance and some have seen it completely, just like Bruce. Gernon see this from its birth stage through its mature stage and enter the heart of the Timestorm and escape through a Tunnel Vortex and experience a time warp. Read More About Bermuda Triangle

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