Islamic Books Zakat Encyclopedia And Book Of Amaliyat

Zakat is one of the five fundamental pillars of Islam. This Urdu Book of Zakat is named as "Zakat Encyclopedia."This Free PDF Book explains everything about Zakat. ALLAH has prescribed on the believers the payment of zakat as an obligatory form of worship (Ibadah). Zakat is categorized under obligatory charity. There is Zakat on the wealth (Zakat-ul-Maal) and there is Zakat on the individual (Zakat-ul-Fitr). The zakat system if managed efficiently will definitely have a positive impact on the socio-economic positions of the poor and needy among the Ummah. Zakat has a number of objectives. The first is the purification of one’s wealth. The ebook is easy to understand for all.


A lot of Islamic Books are there to explain Zakat but this book covers every aspect.Payment of zakat is a divinely ordained method to cleanse one’s heart and soul from greed and obsession for material wealth. This enhances one’s love for Allah (s.w.t.) making one an obedient servant to Him. Payment of zakat is an expression of caring for the welfare of the less fortunate members of society.It was difficult to ascertain whether or not the payment of zakat to religious teachers was the prevalent practice. But such was the practice observed for generations. There was a possibility that the practice was regarded as an ’honorarium’ to religious teachers for guiding the community to Islamic teachings.

These two PDF Books are combined in one Islamic Books pack. It consists of everything about Amaliyat and facts of Rohani Amaliyat and Mujarabat for every purpose .This PDF book will make you self sufficient about Rohani matters and spiritual Healing and now after aquiring this E-book you don’t have to ask others for knoweldge about these things…… you will help others hopefully.

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