How to be a Gentleman [PDF book]

This book will Set Up Your Game to be a gentleman.When the first edition of this Free PDF book was published ten years ago, In Tag correct, considerate behavior was being challenged on every side.The premise of that PDF book was that men, as a rule, leave it up to the women in their lives (their mothers, their wives, their girlfriends, and women who are simply their friends, with no blood relation and no romantic attachment) to tell them how to behave.Since it seemed to answer all the burning good-behavior questions of the moment, How to Be a Gentleman proved to be hugely successful; in fact, it has gone on to be translated into more than a dozen foreign languages, doing its part to bring civility to the world at large.


It is an era of online money making and Game Season. Many of us are working from home and doing online jobs for Rebound.Nevertheless, life has changed a great deal over the past ten years, and gentlemen are now left on their own, almost at every turn. Cell phones are everywhere, barking out at us in airports, in grocery stores, and in movie theaters. Unless a gentleman is an absolute Luddite, e-mail is a central part of his life. He must remind himself, at all times, to check up on his text messages. Written correspondence seems even more antiquated than before. Dress codes seem to fluctuate every time a new star wears his shirttail out or tucks his shirttail in while walking down a red carpet.

And yet certain truths remain unchanged, and the desire for gentle-manliness persists, as well. No matter how much the world may change, a gentleman still needs to know how to behave, from day to day and from occasion to occasion. If he drops a fork, he still wants to know whether he should pick it up or leave it lying on the floor.

Married or not, a gentleman will be expected to go to parties and to entertain. He has business associates to deal with and coworkers with whom he must get along. He needs to know how to set a table. He needs to know how to introduce two of his best friends. Download this pdf book free below.

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