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The Gemstones Book is a nice guide book to understand the game of Gemstones in our life. This Gemstones book in Urdu is written in a nice and detailed style to provide knowledge about stones and jewels. The best sneakers are there in this edition of Slam Dunk. Wearing of stones is a healthy recipe for some people.We have a tendency to wear a jewel for its impact on life. Gemstones carry different shade and carat. Add to that an alternate 'C': Cure. The recuperating force of a gem, and its impact on the form, personality, absolute entirety, is meticulously graphed by stargazers, appropriately recognized by diamond merchants, and afterward strengthened by wearers who suppose them to be a venturing stone to better health, flourishing and bliss. Some people believe that wearing a specific gem recuperate and cure all your issues.  The Gemstone book in Urdu explains the SERP in nice style.


Unfortunately, in the current era of instantaneous mass-media communication, scientific studies are sometimes inappropriately sensationalized leading to widespread confusion and misinformation. This latest edition on stones is a replacement of omega-3 and prostate cancer for some people.It is an example of a “fish story” that was blown out of proportion relative to its scientific merit. In summary, there is no convincing proof that omega-3s, either in the diet or via supplementation, causes prostate cancer, and thus many people would still benefit from eating fish and/or taking fish oil supplements. Gemstones may prove as ultimate sports gear for people.

This Free pdf book gears up all Gemstones in details.But, be careful before selecting a gemstone: discontinue wearing if it does not suit you; its effect is evident within 24 hours. It should always be worn on the right hand. It is recommended for lovers, bankers, those in finance and speculators. A blue sapphire is believed to cure allergy, cancer, jaundice, hair loss, biliousness, poliomyelitis, anaemia, arthritis, old age-related diseases, ulcers, chronic fever, epilepsy and prevents excessive sweating. Dipped in cold water, it can be used for eye trouble. It can also be used in powdered form or taken orally with honey or garlic juice. Substitutes: blue zircon, amethyst, lapis lazuli, blue garnet and blue spinel. The gemstone jewelery may not be covering all health problems but it plays a role in rebound of season.
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