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Parveen Shakir was born on 24 November 1952 in Karachi. The special tone of Urdu poetry exists in Parveen Shakir's Poetry. This ebook of Parveen Shakir's verses holds the best of her work. Her reputation for being an extraordinary poet was exceptionally brief. She got married with Doctor Naseer Ali, had taken the separation later. Her child name is Murad Ali. Parveen Shakir pride by the President of Pakistan notwithstanding exhibitions scholarly grants did Adam Jee. The subject of her verse is fondness and ladies. Parveen Shakir's incredible strength through her existence demonstrates to her emotional disposition skills.her sudden and terrible passing made a finish her extraordinary poetry books.
Shakir utilized primarily two types of verse in her work, one being the pervasive ghazal, and the other being free verse. The most noticeable subjects in Shakir's verse are adoration, woman's rights, and social stigmas, however she incidentally composed on different points besides. Her work was regularly dependent upon sentimentalism, investigating the notions of affection, delight fulness and their inconsistencies, and vigorously joined the utilization of allegories, comparisons and embodiments. Click below to download this PDF Book.

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