Ashfaq Ahmed Book Aik Mohabbat 100 Afsany

Every reader likes Ashfaq Ahmed Books. This Urdu Book by Ashfaq Ahmed is named as "Aik Mohabbat 100 Afsany". It is one of the best Urdu Book online.  Aik Mohabbat Sou Afsany is a collection of his earliest creations. Intellectual, writer and a spiritual genius Ashfaq Ahmed who left this immaterial world a few years ago is still remembered by thousands of his fans all over the world. He was probably the best writer of Pakistan. He used to provide Free Education to the people at the cost of his time and commitments. He always proved to be a caring and loving soul for his students. Download Ashfaq Ahmed Books here.


This PDF Book is in the honor of This great writer. It is in fact the blessing ALLAH Almighty that we were born in an era where we availed an opportunity to be benefiting from his spirituality and morality. Ashfaq Ahmed had a unique style, temperament and diction in his speech and actions. Life is too short to be loved. But the person like Ashfaq Ahmed made the life more beautiful, attractive and rewarding.


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