Free Urdu Novel Raja Gidh By Bano Qudsia

This Urdu Novel of Bano Qudsia is one of her greatest Urdu Books ever.The "Raja Gidh"By Bano Qudsia contains all the qualities of a great Urdu Novel.She Is such a writer who imposes her Impulses in her books.The same thing can be seen in these Free Urdu Books.A reader never falls bored anywhere in this PDF Book.It is the greatest addition to our Urdu Books.Click the Link To Download "Raja Gidh"free below.
In this great Novel of Bano Qudsia,Seemin Shah,Belonging to an upper-middle-class family,falls in love with her handsome class fellow Aftab in the MA Sociology class at Government College Lahore.Seemin is a modern and attractive urban girl and attracts most of her male class fellows,including the narrator Qayyum and the young liberal professor Suhail.Aftab belongs to a Kashmiri business family.Though he also loves her,he can not rise above his family values and succumbs to his parent's pressure to marry someone against his wishes and leave for London to look after his family business.Now the long story of separation begins.
Free Urdu Novel Raja Gidh By Bano Qudsia Free Urdu Novel Raja Gidh By Bano Qudsia Reviewed by Unknown on 10:02 PM Rating: 5

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