Free pdf book about "Parda" in Islam

10:52 AM

Free pdf book about "Parda" in Islam is a complete guideline about Islamic teachings and rules about " Hijaab".“Parda” is an Islamic term which translates as “Veil”. “Parda” or “Hijab” means in English a cloth which is used by women to cover themselves so that their body parts are not visible to males. The basic purpose of “Parda” or “Hijab” is to control obscenity in society and to minimize the chances of adulteration. Read the basic concept of “Parda” or “Hijab in Islam in Urdu language and consult the verses of the Quran regarding the teaching of Purdah. it is really informative for all Muslims if they follow that they will succeed in their life .I pray for all brothers and sisters that GOD give the way DAT goes with success.DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK

This free Pdf Urdu book can be downloaded from this link. Read this free Urdu book and remember me in your prayers.

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