Pul Sirat Novel By Qaisra Hayat Free PDF Download Book

Muslim believe Pul Sirat bridge is thinner than a hair, hotter than fire and sharper than a sword. But Pul Sirat or Pul-e-Sarat Novel by Qaisra Hayat is a Social Novel which describes the hardships of human life that we as human beings usually face. Its a complete story about the people who take firm oath to spend their life according to the way of ALLAH (PAK). These people always prefer ALLAH's will over life luxuries, Love, Wealth and other fantasies of life. Qaisra Hayat had written this novel in the concept of the topic of alcoholism and how this worst habit destroys individuals life along the whole family. The writer of this Pul Sirat Novel said that she had a discussion with her close friend Umera Ahmed (A well known writer). Pul sirat book discusses in detail about how many among our society think alcoholism is not a bad habit and can be easily tolerated but they always forget that alcoholism is prohibited in Islam and declared as the mother of all social evils. We hope every book lover and Islamic book reader need this PDF. Free download Pul Sirat by Qaisra Hayat from the links below the book image. Both Parts OF Pul Sirat Novel In One PDF Joined .

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